Airlifts is a new solution to the struggle of using a hammock. If you have ever gone hammocking you are for sure to have faced the challenge of finding a spot to put your shoes, phone and other items. This modern product takes away all of those worries. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality. First and foremost we would like to be of value to you and one way we do that is by having quality. One afternoon a man was out trying to lay comfortably in his hammock, for some reason he could not. After his shoes were removed he figured out why. He decided to set them on the ground. When he tried to leave his hammock he figured out why this wasn't a good idea; he couldn't get his feet into his shoes while still staying in his hammock. As some of you know this problem is real and that is why we exist, to prevent the struggle of getting your shoes on after being in a hammock. We do this by selling useful shoe bags. Our shoe bags are made from quality material. We are innovative and modern. We don't just want you to choose us, we also want you to spread our solutions to the struggles of using a hammock. Buy your bags here now.

Airlifts really changed my hammock experience. After I bought these I was able to get my shoes on comfortably. There are other uses for the bags which I love. I will forever be a customer of this trustworthy brand.

Aubrey Smith
Hammock enthusiast

About Us

Cason Eyre,

store owner

Started by Cason Eyre of Utah. Cason loves to be outside, snow ski, boat, and all around adventure. After a near death experience at age 7 he decided he needed to make his life meaningful. Many years later he has taken to using his hammock in the outdoors. He had the problem many have experienced he was done waiting for someone to solve it. He decide that he would be the one to solve it.